Baby Carrier Vs Baby Sling: Which Will Be Your Future Supporter?

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Baby Carrier Vs Baby Sling

Baby carrier vs baby sling, it’s hard to choose between the two since they are quite similar when you’ve first heard about them. And all you want is to find something to help you carry your child while you work on things.

If you’re scouring many sites and can’t decide which one to pick, then let’s jump into our comparison article to see how they are different and choose the best for your child.

Baby Carrier Vs Baby Sling: What Are They? 

A baby carrier is a padded soft carrier worn on the front. Some carriers are adjustable, allowing you to carry your infant on your back or hip.

A baby sling is a long piece of fabric that crosses your chest and goes over the shoulder. Slings are simple to use and form a pouch for your baby to sit in. They’re also great for hotter climates because they’re often lightweight.

What’s The Difference Between Baby Carrier And Baby Sling?


Baby Carrier

Baby buckle harmony

Baby buckle harmony

A baby carrier is easier to wear than the sling one since they often come with a fixed structure that helps carry the baby more firmly. Two  popular types of baby carriers are buckle and backpack.

A buckle carrier, also known as Soft Structured Carriers, is made of a fabric panel with straps generally fastened with buckles. Some have velcro closures, while others have half buckles, which connect buckles at the waist or shoulders with tie straps.

A backpack carrier resembles a backpack with your baby strapped into a specialized seat and looks in the same direction as you.

Unlike regular baby carriers and slings, a backpack carrier can only be worn on your back. Meanwhile, you can carry regular other carriers or slings in various positions (front, hip, back), which are generally suitable from birth.

Baby Sling

Rei Harbour Sling Ring

Rei Harbour Sling Ring

There are two main sling designs for you to choose from: Ring sling and No-sew ring sling. You may wrap your kid in any way you like with this item. With simply a piece of cloth, you create your unique sling style.

A ring sling is a fabric sling made by sewing rings into one end of the cloth. The cloth is threaded through the rings on the opposite end and adjusted to fit.

This type of sling is worn over one shoulder with fabric spread wide on the back. The fabric is normally at least 60cm in length, allowing a newborn baby to be carried in an upright position with sufficient head support.

No-sew ring slings can be hard to use. You have to thread the fabric through a set of sling rings, then flip the fabric over so that the end creates a shoulder pad. Finally, thread the other end of the fabric through the rings as you would with a sewn ring sling.


A baby sling can be made out of a variety of materials. For example, 100% cotton or cotton blended with bamboo, hemp, linen, or wool.

For baby carriers, the material is often polyester or cotton and comes with a plastic frame.

When it comes to baby-friendly material, cotton takes the crown. This fabric is soft and absorbent, gently pampering your little one. So in terms of material, a baby sling will live up to your needs for its mostly cotton components.

Versatility Usage

Baby slings can be used from birth to toddler. Most slings will no longer fit as the baby grows older, and you will need to move to another type.

Baby carriers can be used for a longer period of time. They provide fillings and cushions that are often used from when a newborn sits unassisted until toddler or even a preschooler.


Since a baby sling is a piece of fabric, you can wash it just like your clothes. Manufacturers usually offer cleaning instructions. But if they don’t, knowing what fabric your wrap is made of may assist you in the cleaning step while maintaining its aesthetic and functionality.

While certain wraps can be tumble dried, the majority of them cannot. It’s advisable to avoid tumble drying unless your wrap comes with special tumble drying instructions. Using a lingerie bag to store your sling is a great way to avoid tangling and give your sling a more uniform, complete cleaning.

Baby carriers can be washed but shouldn’t be put directly in the washing machine. As buckles and straps can be destroyed, using a dryer on this carrier style is never suggested.

You can clean a baby carrier directly with a washcloth and a tiny quantity of warm water combined with a little baby’s laundry detergent to clean small to medium-sized stains.

Or you can wash the carrier in cold water on the delicate cycle using baby laundry detergent and air dry it. It’s possible that drying will take more than one day. Bleach, brightening detergents, fabric softener, and heat drying should all be avoided.

Pros & Cons Of Baby Carrier And Baby Sling

Baby Carrier


  • Flexible carrying positions (in the front, back, or on the hips).
  • Easy to use.
  • Provide shoulder support on both sides.


  • Easy-to-damage buckles.
  • Hard to clean.

Baby Sling


  • Soft and comfortable fabric.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Increase skin-to-skin contact.


  • Might hurt your shoulder.
  • Need to practice positioning the baby and adjusting the cloth.


All parents want the best for their children. But it is impossible to keep the child in your arms all of the time. Baby carrier vs baby sling? Our comparisons have provided you with the solution.

If you prefer the item with multiple positions to carry and leave your baby a comfortable spot to lay in, a baby carrier is definitely a great choice for you.

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