How To Use Baby Swing: Best Practices & Safety Cautions?

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Baby swings free up parents’ hands by providing an entertaining, calming, soothing place for fussy children. While this gear is one of the most genius things to own as new parents, there’re a few things you need to keep in mind while using it. We’ve curated must-know tips on how to use baby swing so that you can reap its full benefits!

Check out the tips below.

Check out the tips below.

How To Use Baby Swing Safely? – 6 Best Practices

1. Read The Instructions

Before settling your child, the first and foremost thing to do is to read the manufacturer’s care instructions. You will need to make sure that all parts are correctly assembled so that the swing can function with the ultimate safety.

In addition, double-check to make sure you won’t exceed the age and maximum weight recommendation, especially if the item was obtained secondhand.

2. Use Straps And Harnesses

Always use the built-in five-point harness and strap that come with the product to keep active kids safe, even when the swing is standing still. It’s also crucial to place the item on a sturdy, level surface to avoid tipping issues. It also pays to check for any loose screws and broken frames or parts before each use.

3. Put The Device On Flat, Sturdy Surface

That means parents should always use it on the flat flooring and never put it on an elevated surface such as counters, tables, couches when the child is still in it. Transporting the swing and the kid together also poses equal dangers.

Find a flat surface

Find a flat surface

4. Only Use Accessories Coming With The Product

In terms of entertaining accessories, we recommend only using anything that is included in the package.

Any other mobiles or interactive toys not meant for the swing might easily fall over and injure your little one. Besides the hanging toys, any toys or blankets placed near your child can also pose a suffocation threat.

Use appropriate accessories

Use appropriate accessories

5. Recommended Position For 4-Month Infants And Under By Science

While parents can use a baby swing for infants instantly after birth, there is one thing for them to keep in mind. As per American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines, children four months old or younger should always be sitting in the most reclined position.

Newborn babies are still developing the resting muscle tone at such a young age, and they are more prone to tipping their heads forwards. That puts them at a greater risk of airway obstruction and suffocation, according to the AAP.

6. Do Not Overuse It

We all know it: too much of anything is good for nothing. But how long should your child stay in the baby swing seat? Most experts recommend a maximum time of 1 hour for your child to spend on this device. It’s also advised to limit to 30 minutes of swinging time at a time.

If you leave your kid in the baby seat for extended periods, you’re putting your little one at risk of plagiocephaly, which is the flattening of the skull in the plain term.

Putting a cap on the use time, as well as incorporating 2-3 minutes of tummy time per day, will do wonders for your child’s physical development.

Baby Swing For Infants Is Not Meant For Sleeping

It seems to counteract many people’s beliefs that swings and other infant devices like an inclined bouncer, carrier, stroller, car safety seat, etc., are not appropriate for sleeping (according to the AAP).

Experts always advise that your newborns should rest on their back on firm and flat surfaces, such as bassinets or cribs, for quality sleep. It reduces the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Hence, as mentioned above, don’t hesitate to transfer your peacefully asleep infant ASAP from the swing to his crib.

Also, these products are not approved for routine sleep by many experts. For one thing, due to the angled design, there is a concern that the child’s head will tip over to obstruct the airway.

Besides, there is a chance of your child getting suffocated by the padding, stuck in the straps, and rolling over the swing (although it’s quite rare).

The Bottom Line

We hope now you know how to use baby swings safely. This item can be a life-saver if you adhere to safety requirements and keep an eye on your child all the time. Bear in mind to follow the use and safety guidelines, so you can keep your kid secure while enjoying your break.

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