How To Fold Baby Walkers Easily – A Step By Step Tutorial

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How To Fold Baby Walkers

It’s almost impossible to visit a household with a toddler and don’t find a baby walker. Many parents favoured it to support babies learning to walk in the early stages. But how to fold baby walker is an issue many young parents face.

In this article, in addition to finding the easiest way to fold this product, we will also briefly learn about the benefits and things to note when using it.

Benefits Of Using A Baby Walker 

Overall, a baby push walker has a lot of benefits for toddlers, both physically and mentally.

Firstly, it helps 12-36-month-old children improve their ability to walk independently by providing balance. Although effective, it doesn’t spoil the kids, as they still have to use their leg muscles to move.

The product gives tremendous emotional support through colourful animals or decorative toys. These positive but familiar encouragements and distractions are crucial when the toddlers start discovering their abilities and (literally) stepping out of their comfort zone.

When the kid reaches for them or is busy looking at them, they continue walking by accident without proactive calling from their parents.

How To Fold Baby Walker 

Depending on the type, model, and manufacturer, each item will have different characteristics, resulting in different folding methods. However, besides some minor differences in pushbutton locations, the methods are generally similar.

Step 1: Place The Walker On The Side Or Horizontally

Most products have a lock or pushbutton on the bottom, so you want to turn  the item sideways or horizontally for your convenience.

Once you find the button or lock, push or twist it to unlock the walker.

Step 2: Fold The Handles

Next, you can fold the handles. They should be folded down completely below the main surface and level with the mainframe.

Step 3: Flip The Frame Upright

You can now put the chassis upright again after you have tucked the handles under. It should be noted that the wheels need to be even, not too high or too low.

Step 4: Put The Excess Fabric Inside

The final step is to put the surrounding fabric in the space between the legs. You want to use force to ensure the strings and fabric don’t come loose; they should stay tucked in and look as neat as possible.

Notes When Using A Baby Walker 

Following are some of the issues to keep in mind when using a baby push walker.

You want to make sure that your toddler always moves on almost flat surfaces to avoid tipping or falling. Too regular slips and falls can gradually form a fear in them; they may no longer want to use this product.

The second thing is that adults always need to observe and monitor closely when the baby is learning to walk with this item, especially do not let them go to areas with water, slopes, or stairs in the house.

You also need to pay attention to potentially dangerous objects within the toddler’s walking distance to avoid unfortunate accidents.


The baby walker is one of many products that contribute to the child’s development in the early stages of life.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a detailed overview of the baby walker: its advantages, methods on how to fold baby walker, and cautions when using it.

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