Baby Carrier Vs Pram – Which Option Is Best For You And Your Baby?

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Baby Carrier Vs Pram

Some parents are fans of prams, while some love babywearing and think the baby carriage is cumbersome. All in all, each option is undeniably beneficial for an individual circumstance.

Are you wondering what will be more useful in your case: a baby carrier vs pram? In this article, you will find out the pros and cons of both products, when they are useful and which one is worth buying in your case.

Baby Carrier Vs Pram

Baby and parents

Baby and parents


Both products are essential for any new mom or dad, keeping the infant safe and by their parent’s side. Parents can take advantage of their free hands to do household chores or go out for a walk for some fresh air.


Baby Carrier Pram
Strolls Light, space-saving and foldable to fit into a handbag or rucksack and very portable Convenient storage basket to carry necessities: diaper bag, a bottle of water, etc.
Hiking The only suitable option on a hike Too cumbersome for hiking

Can’t handle rocky or grassy terrain

Public transportation Enable the parent to be hands-free and more flexible when passing through crowds and underground turnstiles Can be a challenge when climbing bus steps, passing through doors and turnstiles
Day trips Very handy when the paths are not pram-friendly or you don’t have an all-terrain pram

Easier to have with on a busy city trip with large crowds

A more comfortable solution on a long day-trip to carry essentials and not weigh down on the parents’ shoulders

Quick Rundown of Baby Carrier

A baby carrier

A baby carrier

A baby carrier is preferred by many parents for promoting intimacy and helping develop a bond between them and their baby.

Baby will be close to their parents. That’s what all parents want. Baby carriers can have many health benefits for your baby. It helps the baby develop a better brain.


  • Baby carriers are lightweight and easy to pack.
  • You don’t need to worry about damages to the product on the flight. Baby carriers are a must for flying with a baby!
  • They enable your newborn to be most comfortable snuggled up against you while travelling.
  • It’s possible to go everywhere without needing to give it much thought. You don’t need to worry about stairs or elevators being out of order like with a baby carriage.


  • If you plan to choose between a baby carrier vs pram, bear in mind that with the latter, you have to carry your baby the entire time without a break.
  • Depending on the size and weight of your infant, using a baby carrier for extended periods can be exhausting and uncomfortable.
  • It’s more difficult to protect your baby from external factors like sun and rain in a baby carrier than a pram with a good canopy.
  • Older babies and toddlers may get bored of being carried the entire time.
  • You need to carry all of your belongings in addition to your baby instead of using the stroller as storage.

Quick Rundown of Pram



Strollers help babies sleep more comfortably. Meanwhile, parents will have more time to do other jobs. As children get older, they can interact with everything around them.


  • A pram with a full recline is great for travelling with newborns.
  • A pram with a good canopy will protect your baby from the sun, and you don’t have to endure the sweat and heat exchange like when wearing a baby carrier.
  • Prams are great for carrying a lot of essentials around.
  • Taking a pram through airport security and to the gate makes getting around the airport with your bags easier.
  • While travelling with babies eating solid food, a pram with a tray makes for the perfect spot for feeding on the go.


  • When you go through busy streets, prams will definitely be an obstacle for you and your baby.
  • Some prams are large and difficult to fold. They will cause great inconvenience to you when the baby asks to be held.

Should You Use a Baby Carrier or Pram?

Each baby has their preferences, and so do their parents. Therefore, you should think carefully about your choice. Let’s take dropping by the supermarket for example.

Why is a baby carrier better? It’s very convenient while shopping because you can easily keep an eye on the baby and have your hands free.

Why is a pram better? If you go shopping without a car and have a few shopping bags, it’s easier to load them into a storage basket under the pram. This way is much better than carrying them in your hands while carrying a baby in front of your chest.


We hope this article has answered every question about the topic of baby carrier vs pram.

The final decision comes down to your baby and their preferences, your habits and conditions.

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