How Do Baby Swings Work To Soothe Your Little One?

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how do baby swings work

While a baby swing is not a must-have purchase for many new parents, it can be a favourite for your little one to hang out, play, and nap. Most importantly, this baby gear can give you a much-needed break to catch a breath, eat your brunch in peace, or handle household chores.

Swings come closest to a mother’s comforting rocking arms for most infants out of all the baby products. So, how do baby swings work to give your babies that sensation?

What Is A Baby Swing?

A baby swing is a plush fabric seat (with a safety harness) suspended on a sturdy frame made of metal, plastic, or both. The device swings or sways the kid in an inclined or flat position and often at different speed settings and different directions.

These items are often bulkier and heavier than bouncers because they have a motor inside. Also, they are not set into motion by the child’s movements but by energy from batteries or power outlets.

Where your child relaxes

Where your child relaxes

The window of their use is quite limited, however. Typically, it’s good for the period from birth to about six months. Beyond this threshold, the child will outgrow the swing (in terms of maximum weight limit) and sit up unassisted and climb out of the swing.

Thus, it pays to keep an eye on your kid’s physical growth to ensure they are still within the weight restriction and safe hanging out with the swing.

It’s worth noting that these items are not qualified as a safe sleep space for your little one. So, make sure you transfer your child to a firm sleep surface; ASAP, no matter how peacefully asleep they appear in the swing.

How Do Baby Swings Work To Calm Your Fussy Child?

Mimicking The Motion Of The Womb

It has a powered mechanism to swing the child back and forth or side to side (or both in some models) to initiate the rhythmic motion of a womb. These womb-like rocking motions are particularly helpful to soothe even the fussiest infants and can lull them to deep sleep.

That’s why this product can be used right after birth to provide the kid with the badly-needed familiar environment while freeing up mom’s and dad’s hands.

There are two ways a baby swing can be powered: by AC adapter 4 or 5 D batteries. Usually, a swing will come with multiple swing speeds and directions, so you can experiment to find a sweet spot that your darling loves.

Many swings even go one step further to offer varying settings of vibration. Babies often find the vibrating motions soothing as they stimulate the natural movements while nestling inside their mom’s womb.

Just like mommy

Just like mommy

Giving Soothing Noise

The womb is not a quiet place. It is awash in sound: the mother’s voice, the heartbeats, and the whooshing sound of blood and active organs. Your newborn listens to these sounds 24/7 for more than nine months and grows familiar (or even feels at ease) with background noise.

That’s why besides automatic swinging and swaying, these products also provide nature-inspired soothing sounds, mostly white noise, to soothe the child.

Most popular models will allow you to adjust different volumes to suit your child’s needs. Some might automatically shut the sound off after a given time, which is especially handy if you get a battery option.

Providing Entertaining Toys

Newborn baby swings are not only meant for soothing the crankiest child but also entertaining a happy one. Many swings also come with extra features like interactive toys, mirrors, music, and rotating mobiles to keep your little one occupied and entertained.

Keep them entertained

Keep them entertained

Many models automatically shut off the music and mobiles after certain periods, such as 10, 20, or 30 minutes, to save you time and perhaps the battery.

The Bottom Line

While this baby gear is not an absolute must, it’s no joke that it is a lifesaver for countless sleepless parents. We hope now you know the answer to “how do baby swings work?” and decide for yourself whether it’s worth it to pay your money on this kiddie investment.

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