How To Store Baby Swing – A Detailed Guide For Parents

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How To Store Baby Swing

As your newborn outgrows their swing, you know it’s time to store it away for your next bundle of joy. After all, it is one of the kid items that siblings in the house can happily share with. Yet how to store baby swing correctly so you will feel great using it for your next infant?

How To Store Baby Swing?

Step 1. Disassemble The Parts

Disassemble the swing according to the manufacturer’s instructions. While you’re at it, we recommend taking a picture or recording a video so you can put it back together with more ease later.

For a battery-operated one, remove the batteries from the device to extend the battery life. This includes a battery for vibration and a battery for motion;  simply take out all of them.

There is a chance that they can burst and leak acid if left in the compartment, which results in corrosion and irreversible damage to the product. It’s also advisable to take it out if the product operates on an AC adapter.

Take out the parts

Take out the parts

Continue to take apart other components according to the instructions (be careful not to break anything).

Step 2. Clean And Dry It Well Before Storing

Monstrosities like safety car seats, bouncers and swings not only eat up a lot of space in the house but are also a pain to take apart and clean.

However, you should not skip the cleaning before putting them away for a long time. The item is probably stained by those spits up, diaper leaks, or runny noses. Leaving these stains for an extended time only makes them more stubborn to clean as well as damages this baby room gear.

  • Remove and toss the machine-washable baby swing seat into the washing machine, and air dry it completely afterward. For a non-detachable seat, use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the dirt and grime.
Clean the seat

Clean the seat

  • Apply a small amount of non-toxic cleaning solution on a cloth, and wipe down the metal or plastic frame and other components. Allow them to dry thoroughly under the sun, and perhaps go over them with a dry cloth again for extra measure.
  • You can either throw all the included plastic toys in the dishwasher (gentle cycle mode) or manually clean them with warm soapy water. After getting these baby items clean, again, air dry them to get rid of all the lingering moisture.

Step 3. Pack It In A Storage Box

Stash all of the parts into the box they arrived with. If you’ve lost it, use one of the large dry storage bins in the house.

Or else, you can keep all the small components into a separate, airtight box to keep allergens, fungus, and bacteria at bay, while covering the rest of the larger items with a white sheet to shield them from dust.

However, it is not recommended to wrap any components with plastic since the moisture can easily get trapped inside and cause mold.

Pack it up

Pack it up

Step 4. Choose The Best Spot

Store this clunky baby contraption in any dry, cool place such as a garage, cupboard, or under-the-stairs area. We recommend not letting the box come into contact with the ground to avoid moisture. You can place it on any space high on the wall with a hanging shelf and ceiling rack.

When To Stop Using These Items?

Your Child Exceed The Weight Limit

Most of these products have a weight limit between 25 – 30 pounds. It is important to retire them once your child reaches this threshold. Otherwise, this baby gear cannot withstand undue pressure and can cause serious accidents.

Your Kid Can Crawl Out Of It

Even when your little one is still within the weight limit, she or he can have adequate mobility to climb out, which is extremely dangerous. Kids are probably mobile enough to crawl out of their swing as young as eight months out.

Your child might get tangled by straps while attempting to roll out of the swing. Or even worse, the straps cannot stop him from falling off the ground and getting injured.

Your Child Throws A Tantrum 

If your little one no longer enjoys the rocking motion of the item, it’s time to store it away. He or she might manifest the discomfort by kicking and trying to escape the swing, which might lead to falling and head injuries.


These products keep your baby busy and give the over-stretched mom and dad a much-needed break. Since they are often on top of your list of costly kiddie investments, it’s great to keep them in good storage condition for your next newborn.

We hope now you know how to store baby swing the right way, so your money can better be spent elsewhere that matters more.

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