5-Minute Guide: How To Use Baby Walker Effectively

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How To Use Baby Walker

The baby walker is an essential for every infant’s healthy development and entertainment. But its utility is mainly conditional upon its safe use.

Which is the appropriate time to use?  How to use baby walker safely? If you have in mind these questions, you’ve come to the right place. This 5-minute read will answer them, along with some safety precautions.

What Age To Use? 

The baby walker is designed for infants who can hold up their heads steadily and sit well without support. It keeps them balanced with their feet touching the floor and gives them confidence to walk independently.

Hence, there’s no particular answer for this question due to the difference in the developmental pace of each baby. Generally, the range of recommended age is within the ages of 4 to 16 months.

How To Use Baby Walker?

After you’ve determined that your baby is physically ready, it’s time to hit their new developmental milestone.

Firstly, introduce the baby walker to your little one.

Although most of the products are attractive because of their colourful designs and interesting toys, some babies might be afraid of facing anything new.

Be patient and spend some time sitting near the walker with your infant so that they can touch and be acquainted with their “new friend.”

When a newborn first sits in a walker, they might be unaware of the added mobility. It’s your turn to encourage them to move the walker by holding their hand and walking slowly alongside. Others find it helpful when holding a favourite toy in front of the baby.

Safety Precautions

Some people oppose using baby walkers due to the risks of injuries. But dealing with such problems is absolutely possible. Bear in mind some key factors in maintaining the maximum safe use.


A high-quality baby walker must be comfortable to sit in while being able to support your kid’s weight. A solid wide basis and a rigid rack are required for spine support and muscular relaxation.

The height regulator should be adjusted before each use because children grow up quickly. Ideally, infants should bear only a portion of their weight on their feet while their legs are straight.

Too light models can easily topple over, causing a threat to your child, while heavy ones impede the movement and put a load on their weak muscles. Parents want to choose a walker that weighs between 2.5 and 3 kilograms.

Before and while using, make sure that you have regularly evaluated the condition of all parts. If there are any cracks, faults, or broken parts, stop using this walker.

Place Walker And Usage Time 

Your child sitting in the walker can run around and discover their “small world” in the house. So parents should ensure the best condition regarding place walker.

Flat surfaces without objects are necessary in case of trauma risks. The baby may tip over or seriously hurt if there’s something sharp on the surface.

Any staircases must use stair gates as protective barriers to avoid accidentally falling.

Keep your beloved kid away from the area of water and heat sources to prevent them from falling into it.

Dangerous or fragile accessories should be kept out of the infant’s reach. The mobility may allow the baby to access areas and objects that were previously inaccessible.

Despite its convenience, the total usage time of the walker is only 15 minutes a day. Parents shouldn’t go beyond the time limits to avoid harming the baby’s spine and the strength of the baby’s upper leg muscles.

Parental Supervision 

The manufacturer of the baby walker only provides you with a guarantee of good quality, not ultimate safety. It’s the adult who must take responsibility for children’s safety.

Parents must always provide close supervision on their newborn when putting them in the baby walker. The walker moves at the speed of almost a metre per second, which leaves parents less time to deal with unexpected situations.


This article provides a quick and simple guide on when and how to use baby walker and some considerations that need to be taken into account for safety usage.

We hope that our sharing is useful in getting your beloved child on their first feet and ensuring the most enjoyable experience on this special growing-up milestone for your family.

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