Learn How To Adjust Baby Walker Height Quickly And Correctly

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How To Adjust Baby Walker

Most parents rely on baby walkers as a supporter for their babies when watching them take their first little steps.

However, sometimes they can not adjust the height correctly because all babies’ heights are different. This can lead to discomfort for the baby, or worse, accidents or injuries.

Don’t worry; you will learn the proper guidance on how to adjust baby walker height in this article. Choosing the right height for your child is an important decision. It may take some time to find the knack, but with our help, this task will no longer be a big deal.

How To Adjust Baby Walker Height?

Find The Correct Height For Baby Walker

The baby walker’s right height will allow your toddler to stand upright while using it. The best height for a baby walker is about the level of your baby’s knees.

And the perfect position for using a walker is with the child’s knee bent at 90 degrees and feet staying flat on the floor. If they pull themselves up into standing, they won’t be in an awkward seated chair or lean against something when trying to get out of their seat.


No tools are required to adjust the baby walker height because the entire demands are attached to the main body. So luckily, extra tools are not required to perform this process.

One thing to keep in mind is to check the product manual or contact customer service if you have any questions about adjusting the walker’s height from low to mid-range heights.

Height Adjustment Process

The process will start with the thing is to make sure there are not any objects under the wheels of the walker. If there are things over there, remove them, which include blankets and other soft items.

Next, place both your hands underneath each side of the frame, then lift until there are at least 8 centimetres between the ground and the bottom bar of the frame where the baby is sitting.

There is a locking device underneath the top tray. Push both locks forward to mount it. Then slide them back into place to capture them in their specific positions.

Once you’ve determined the chosen height for the baby walker, release its secondary lock and pull back on both primary locks to secure the current height.

Closing the walker is a simple process that does not require any tool and only feels a necessity for some effort. In a downward motion, you can easily shut notch sliding together.

But if it doesn’t work, just slide it downward with some force. The process will end when you hear or feel the sound of clicking.

Safety Check

As well as showing  methods to adjust your baby walker height, here are some safety tips for usage:

  • The walker must always be used on a plain surface. And you must prevent your toddler from entering risky areas like sloped stairs, heaters or sharp corners.

  • Ensure that the locks of the item work properly and are located beyond the reach of the babies, as well as the metal pieces are grinding.
  • Avoid purchasing a baby walker with holes that make the baby’s toes or fingers trapped. Bad scenarios may appear.
  • Do not forget to follow your babies when they are standing on the walker. It’s best to hold the baby in our arms.


A baby walker is a tool most suitable for toddlers learning to take their first steps on their own. But parents also have to keep their eyes on their children while on the walkers. Don’t let them out of sight, it may lead to some unexpected problems.

Among many safety cautions, height is among the most popular issues. Hopefully, you find this detailed guide on how to adjust baby walker height and helpful safety tips and give a nice experience to your babies.

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